The watchman’s house is the entrance building in Ponta Delgada’s garden.
Downstairs there is an information desk, which serves as a ticket office for special occasions. On the upper floor there is an observation post, facing the interior of the garden, where the Garden Guard is installed.
Every time the Guard goes to his work station, it is necessary for the observatory’s door to open. For this, the Guard will have to sit on a small bench, connected to the pulley mechanism. It is the Guard’s weight [132 kg] that activates the pulley mechanism, opening the shutter, thus allowing an overview of the entire perimeter of the park. In the same way, the moment the Guard stands up, the mechanism lowers the shutter, closing the window.
In this way, it is possible to perceive at every moment, and at any point in the garden, the presence [or not] of the Guard in his house.

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