We are an architecture team based in Lisbon, dedicated to residential, hospitality, educational and cultural buildings. Our experience comprises a wide scope of work, from urban design to buildind rehabilitation, from landscape to interior design. The office’s work relies on a continuous joint reflection of diverse technicians and authors, who assure in all the stages of each project, a wide, plural and coordinated vision.

Our aim is to develop outstanding projects, grounded on the site and its past, but inspired by creative ideas for a sustainable and greater future.
Architecture is our expertise secured by a rich and diverse background of our partners, from small houses to public buildings, from meticulous details to coordination of multi-disciplinary master plans.

People and society are at the centre of our studies, always with the ambition of making life better, being it in education, culture, health, residential, services, retail, transport, leisure, or hospitality sectors.
Bureaucracy exists and we work with it, providing advice and guidance based on knowledge of the legal procedures and taking reliable steps.

Projects: we like to take them seriously from the beginning, working closer with competent and reliable specialists in a wide sort of areas.

Fun is an extra but is important.



The office’s work is founded on the conviction that architecture has a direct influence on the quality of our lives. Regardless of the dimension or scope of the project, in a house or in a urban plan, we search in every moment for the right answer to each of the questions we face, developing specific solutions to specific problems, based on a careful understanding of contexts and a creation of a broad and integrated vision.


We work with engineering teams as a part of the design team, combining diverse fields of knowledge and experience to develop fully integrated and sustainable design solutions.
We keep solid partnerships with key engineering firms, with whom we develop a permanently coordinated work, thanks to the applied project management technologies.


We believe architecture should provide a unique experience of use, of each space or a sequence of them. The light, materials and textures, the colour or the furniture are coordinated as part of a whole, converging to create a coherent image and that provides qualified experiences.


Design and Context
Every single detail is important. We create whatever is needed to fulfil the necessities of each project. Our goal is to design for living, providing comfort and sustainability, responding to the context.


Urban and Landscape Design
We apply a holistic approach in the study of cities, from the physiology of the territories where they were founded, their history and transformations, exploring programs and measuring their impacts.
Analysing, synthesizing and systematizing the historical and present city, we open up the way to reflect on the city and communities of the future.


The first step of the design process is to help clients evaluate and identify their needs.
From strategic planning or the elaboration of a program, to a detailed spatial analysis, our consultancy aims to develop the most efficient solutions, both financially and in quality.
The process is extended to the post-occupation stage, to help the inhabitants to enjoy the full potential of their new building. This follow-up allows us to reflect and evaluate the results of each project.


Project Management
We work to provide an integrated service, from design to construction, with legal and technical support, until the production is finish and its delivered to the client.
In all the process we rely on technicians working closely to the design team, providing a permanent assessment, monitoring the project, its budget and therefore its viability throughout its execution.
The final goal is to produce a project that optimizes the budget and the proposed levels of quality, adding value to the investment.


Prizes and recognitions
Machado Costa’s projects and buildings have been broadcasted at several major international exhibitions, as the Venice Biennalle or the Ibero-American Architecture and Urbanism International Exhibition. Their work had been presented in important institutions, as the London’s Architectural Association, the John Hartell Gallery in NY, or the Biojmans van Beuningen Museum, in Rotterdam.
The work produced by them, individually or collectively, is international recognized, including several nominations for the European Union Architecture Awards – Mies van der Rohe Prize, the Secil Prize or the FAD Award. Recently, Pedro was distinguished with the AICA Prize for Architecture, by the International Board of Art Critics.



  • Team [in alphabetic order]


  • Nuno Almeida [2018 – …]
    Nuno Guerreiro de Almeida [2019 – 2020]
    Enrico Argentieri [2019 – …]
    Stefano Manzo [2019 – 2020]
    Luisa Marques [2019 – 2020]
    Ingrid Murer [2018 – 2019]
    Luís Ferreira Neto [2018 – 2019]
    Malena Rocha [2019]
    Elena Maria Rossi [2018 – …]
    Benedita Forrester Zamith [2019]