The project foresees the occupation of the ruin of a 16th-century building – the Casa do Risco – where, in the past, the parts of the ships that were built in the shipyards of Vila do Conde were designed. The ruin, located on the riverside of the city, is partially buried by an urban area that has since been built upstream, at a higher level.
Instead of recovering the House, the project aims to maintain the ruin. Inside, there is a building that joins the two heights, serving as a public path between the waterfront and the city. This building houses an exhibition gallery, a cafeteria, and an environmental monitoring laboratory. The walls of the Casa do Risco ruin are covered with slate, allowing children to mark them with drawings of boats and other stories.
The intervention foresees the creation of a garden at an upper level, the consolidation of the support walls of the marginal, and the recovery of an old cod dry area, now converted into an area for bathers.

[2nd Prize in limited competition; with a.s* – atelier dos santos]