The intervention includes the renovation of the area of the Palacio Nacional de Queluz, the reorganization of the main access and the road system, by establishing new relations with the context. The aim of the project is to enhance the history of the site restoring the original landscape.
We are in front of an exceptional example of historical and artistic heritage.
For this reason, the proposal seeks to restore the aspects of centrality, staging and hierarchy that shape the baroque, symmetrical and monumental grammary that composes and organizes the Palace and its gardens, to achieve the position of the original project which was not finished.
The system of aqueducts is recovered, new green spaces are structured, and the system of car access and circulation is reorganized.

[2º Prize in a public competition; with Louis Ferreira Neto / Ingrid Murer, Paula Simões / Catarina Patrão, Aurora Carapinha]