The Summer Pavilion is a small retreat, located in a pine forest near the beach, in continuity with a preexisting construction. It accommodates a set of spaces intended for the leisure of a small family, being used only during the summer season. The internal spaces are divided by sliding wall-screens, allowing flexible occupancy and a connection between the various compartments, thus adapting to the number of occupants the pavilion may have. Likewise, spaces can be fully open to the outside; transforming, some of them, into covered verandas.
The building, supported by stilts, is made of wood. Only one structural profile [20 cm x 20 cm] is used, in columns and beams. The remaining constructive elements [walls, flooring and ceilings] are made of plank. All elements are assembled, so that metal fixings are not required.

[with a.s* – atelier de santos]