The Lions Factory is an old industrial abandoned complex, located on the outskirts of the city of Évora. Although the building does not present significant quality or heritage value, it is understood that the characteristics of the industrial complex allow to accommodate the School of Architecture and Visual Arts, endowing it with formal, functional and spatial qualities compatible with the new program.
The intervention is summed up in a simple, surgical and punctual operation, which involves removing from pre-existing buildings everything that is unnecessary, and leaning on them the elements necessary for their adaptation to new uses.
The project takes advantage of the spatiality, typological and morphological characteristics of the existing buildings, adding a set of elements that are distinct from the original structure.
The relationship between preexistences and the new elements that overlap them results in a hybrid solution, which assumes the accumulation process as the most characteristic element of the intervention.

[3rd Prize in a public competition by previous qualification, with a.s* – atelier de santos, Paulo André Rodrigues]