The Meia Praia Hotel is a touristic complex in the seaside Lagos area, close to the harbor of the city. The complex includes several buildings: a hotel, a residential touristic building and smalls week-end houses, integrated in a plan which establishs new relations between the urban area and the beach.
The intervention makes an ecosystem from the natural condition of the place. This ecosystem has different type of areas: a small forest, a lake, several gardens, the existent dunes and extended beach, where the touristic complex is located. Each of these buildings is a natural transition between the urban grid and the beach, exploring the potential of both spaces which, in this project, are combined.
The buildings are key elements of this natural landscape. The form and the function of each of them is a consequence of its position in the park and of his relationship with the surrounding landscape; which allows a hierarchy in the uses within the territory.

(with a.s* – atelier de santos, with Nuno Merino Rocha)