The DIY system consists of a single prefabricated concrete piece, which itself contains a floor, ceiling and structure. The shape of the piece allows its horizontal modulation – creating corridors for automobile circulation and side areas for parking – and vertical – allowing its assembly on levels at various heights.
Given the slope of the floor and ceiling, the overlapping of the pieces is done on half-floors. This solution dispenses with the use of ramps, reducing the area for car circulation. Likewise, the overlapping of parking spaces leads to a reduction in the space occupied by each vehicle.
The solution reduces the area of about 25% compared to the traditional system of car silos. Likewise, the cost of construction are reduced compared to a traditional park building. The system allows the construction of horizontal or vertical silos, and their deployment on sloping terrain.
The shape of each solution results from the number of modules used and the way they are conjugated.

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