The renovation project of the Abrantes riverside runs for 85 hectares, along the Tejo riversides. The modification makes new relations with the city, the river and with the landscape, by altering the perception of the landscape and the way of how it is enjoyed from the population of Abrantes which can benefits of the natural characteristic of the area.
The Nautic center is one of the main elements of this strategy. It is where all the sporting activities linked to the river are concentrated: power boating, rowing and sailing.
The building consists of two floors, connected by an exterior ramp. Downstairs there is a patio, a warehouse for collecting boats and a workshop. On the upper floor there are the rowing training tanks, gym and changing rooms, and a cafeteria open to the riverside landscape. It ensures that the building can be partially flooded, without compromising the safety of the equipment and its functioning.
For its construction is used a wooden structure covered with tile.
Building maintenance will be similar to the process of maintaining the boats themselves.

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